We The Collective

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We The Collective wanted a creative and dynamic space reflective of their brand, evoking a professional vibe without taking itself too seriously. Their previous office was “splitting at the seams” so their new space needed to suit their growing staff’s need for more personal space along with opportunities for collaboration.  

In the spirit of the entertainment companies that they design for, the new office of We The Collective is a fresh and bold space evocative of the youth demographic they market to. Strong brand presence and an unpretentious sense of fun is set against a backdrop of Scandinavian-inspired simplicity. The design provides opportunities for employee wellness and social engagement in a relaxed and inviting space that expresses the personality of the company.The end-user experience was placed first and foremost in the design, providing a balance in amenity vs. work space allowing for variety as well as employee comfort and engagement throughout the space.


    MAY 2018