SSDG Interiors Inc. Vancouver Interior Design Office

Welcome to SSDG.

It’s really nice to “meet” you.  Please come in and have a look around; we have so much to share with you.


We design interiors.  We’ve been an award-winning interior design consulting firm in Vancouver, Canada for nearly 40 years. During that time we’ve gained the experience and wisdom to know that our innovative design solutions build value and support business goals.

But we also know our clients are interested in spaces that are charismatic, interesting, and thoughtful.  So, we ensure our solutions have that breathtaking “wow” factor we know they’re looking for.

These days, we’re keeping busy working with amazing clients like Hyperwallet, Hollyburn Country Club, Wesbild, & Anthem Properties to name a few.



Our philosophy focuses on Giving Space a Voice™; letting the space tell tactile and memorable stories.  Our spaces draw you in, compel you to stay awhile and create amazing experiences.  Why? Because without stories, it’s just another space.

We pride ourselves on designing spaces that are unique to each organization – spaces that engage people, express brand, enhance flow and define culture.



Currently, we’ve got 23 fabulous professionals under our roof, along with our four very hands-on, personable, and approachable partners: Susan Steeves, Julie Campbell, Kenna Manley and Lynn Hughes.

And that’s not all: Nine of our designers are Registered Interior Designers, as well as members of the Interior Design Institute of BC, and Interior Designers of Canada. In other words, we are a group of qualified, passionate people who are in the business of creating incredible, unforgettable interior spaces.

We create spaces that people want to spend time in, that’s just what we do.

So, you’re in good hands…46 of them, to be exact.

We believe every client should
have a unique design experience

Susan Steeves, Lynn Hughes, Kenna Manley & Julie Campbell

SSDG is an award-winning professional interior design consulting firm incorporated in 1979 that employs 20 professionals. The four partners, Susan Steeves, Julie Campbell, Kenna Manley and Lynn Hughes along with nine of the firm’s designers, are Registered Interior Designers, members of the Interior Design Institute of BC, and members of the Interior Designers of Canada.

With a client base crossing over corporate, retail and hospitality industries, SSDG has grown as a progressive, forward thinking team of talented designers and strong leaders. This diverse project mix provides an extensive knowledge base and high level of expertise from which emerges well-informed, innovative solutions.