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BGC Engineering has a reputation for delivering high quality technical work with exceptional client service. They do it by staying true to their values of respect, trust, connection and communication. As an employee-owned company, their workspace was designed to support and nurture this amazing ‘One Team’ culture that they have worked so hard to create.

The concept of ‘connectedness’ was chosen to represent both BGC’s core value of “One Team” and their connection with the earth through their environmental and geotechnical work. The connectedness is evident in the formal organization of the space as well as in the choices of materials; the gradation of light to dark reminiscent of a cross-section of the earth is found in carpet patterns, as well as the colour palette as one descends down the floors.

Engaging employees throughout the design process was a critical aspect of this project. The information gathering process included visioning, all staff survey and focus-groups with a cross section of staff. Staff were further engaged through a photo contest and the winners selected were used throughout as graphics on walls and glazing.

Key findings: ‘access to natural light’, ‘privacy’ and ‘collaboration’ were most important to staff. Natural light floods into the space through full-glass office fronts, glass panels on workstations, To increase privacy, materials with higher acoustic properties were specified in wall construction, and workstations were planned into neighbourhoods that don’t open onto main circulation paths minimizing disruption. The interconnected stair links 4 floors and were designed as an intersection for interaction and collaboration on each floor with coffee areas, informal/open meeting spaces, meeting rooms, and libraries planned adjacent. Additionally, support areas including storage and office equipment were placed centrally in high traffic areas to encourage interaction among staff.


    SEPTEMBER 2015


what our clients are saying

  • The design details and tactful architecture aspects of every floor blew me away. The staircase connecting all the levels, the wooden pieces, the glass throughout, the open but homey concept, the library, the lunch room!, the tartan touches, the wall art, reception, the different light shades as you go down each floor. I’m still in awe of the entire office and thank you for making it feel so ‘us’. It feels much more connected and the good vibes are definitely felt all throughout. Thank you so much for making the team feel like we are home. Truly amazing work.