BCAA Burnaby Service Centre


The design for this Service Centre draws inspiration from the BCAA branded elements of always moving forward, growing stronger, evolving, new thinking, and new solutions. This inspiration has been seamlessly translated into architectural details that create a sense of flow, movement, progression, and adaptability throughout the space, reflecting the dynamic nature of the project.

To convey a sense of continuous progress, the design utilizes architectural elements that guide occupants through the space, creating a seamless and intuitive flow. The spatial layout and placement of features encourage movement and exploration, promoting a sense of growth and new possibilities. The design embraces adaptability, allowing for flexible use and future expansion to accommodate changing needs and emerging technologies.

The ceiling detail plays a pivotal role in defining the various spaces within the project. Through innovative design choices, the ceiling becomes an architectural feature that delineates areas of service and public engagement, further enhancing the functionality and visual appeal of the space. This design approach ensures clear and efficient spatial organization while maintaining a sense of unity and purpose.

Considerations for acoustic dividers between workstations prioritize privacy and separation between client meetings. By incorporating these dividers, the design creates a conducive environment for focused work while still fostering opportunities for interaction and teamwork. This balance supports productivity and enhances the overall work experience within the space.

The integration of graphics for branding purposes adds visual interest and reinforces the project's identity. By strategically placing branded graphics throughout the space, the design creates a cohesive and immersive environment that aligns with the project's vision and objectives.

The repeated wood detail is thoughtfully incorporated to infuse warmth into the design. This repetition not only creates visual continuity but also connects occupants to British Columbia, fostering a sense of comfort and west coast familiarity.

Photographer: Upper Left Photography

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