A team is not just a group of individuals, it is an assembly of diverse skills, philosophies and strengths. The resulting ideas stretch further than any single talent could reach.

With a client base crossing over corporate, retail and hospitality industries, SSDG has grown as a progressive, forward thinking Team of talented designers and strong leaders. This diverse project mix provides an extensive knowledge base and high level of expertise from which emerges well-informed, innovative solutions.






what our team is saying

  • I love the diversity of skills and experience of the team.

  • I like the flexibility between work and personal time.

  • I appreciate the long standing relationships SSDG has with clients, consultants, suppliers and trades.

  • I love how tasks are shared to get the project done.

  • I admire SSDG’s values and commitment to the interior design community.

  • There is a spirit among our team to provide the absolute best design solution for our clients.

  • I get to work with great people.

  • I have the opportunity to work with great clients, which is very rewarding.

  • I love how the office promotes sharing information in a drama-free environment.

  • I like the opportunity to work on a large variety of projects from workplace to hospitality and retail to medical + wellness.

  • I love that I get to work with a talented and knowledgeable group of people who have extensive experience in the industry.

  • I like working for a firm with a strong reputation, which is well-known in the industry.

  • I love the mentoring opportunities.

  • I am joyful to work with such an amazing group of people all with distinct personalities and varied strengths that mesh well together to create dynamic design teams.

  • I love working with people who care deeply about the quality of the project, doing the right thing and about each individual- really rare to find.

  • I love our events- holiday party, summer BBQ, random potlucks- and the enthusiasm from everyone!

  • I love the people I work with.

  • I love working with a supportive team that is willing to share and lend their skills to each other.

  • I appreciate that the company places great emphasis on staff enjoying and growing in their profession offering staff opportunities to work on new projects and expand their experience.

  • I love that SSDG feels like a family- taking great pride in looking after each other and their clients.

  • I am proud of the portfolio of projects that we have!  The variety of types and clients and different design aesthetics is stimulating.

  • I love my coworkers and truly enjoy working with different teams of people.

  • I love feeling like the partners always have our back and support the decisions we’ve made on projects.

  • I love that SSDG encourages both individual growth and team dynamics by creating an environment which allows young designers to explore their own ideas while learning from a close knit support group.

  • I like the high quality standards at SSDG that have earned us an amazing reputation and allow our clients to trust us.