We have built a reputation as creative storytellers

SSDG was established in 1979, and now - more than 40 years and a generation of owners later - the same passion for creating integrative, value-focused solutions continues to run through our veins.
As creators, our goal is never to pursue personal accolades or industry acclaim. What we make, we make with the purpose of supporting our clients’ people and priorities.

To us, the awards and attention are simply affirmation of a truth that we’ve known for more than four decades - that listening and creating solutions together is the path to collective success.

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Decades of Recognized Excellence

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We are ONE

SSDG is part of ONE Global Design. 31 cities, 6 countries, and 21 independent, principal-owned firms working as a unified network to deliver thoughtful design and seamless service to clients across the globe.
Learn more at ONE Global Design.
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