01 Oct 01 2012

Culturally inspired fusions of eastern details woven with modern western elements were used to create a perfect blend of east and west. Exotic eyes lure your attention to the bar and private dining area, and hand carved elephants imported from India dazzle diners in pops of colour and light. The result is an urban dining experience without having to leave the suburbs.

The results are incredible. Since opening last August sales at Tasty Indian Bistro have doubled and the owner is thrilled. It’s not uncommon for eager-diners to be lined-up out the door. Seeking to attract a younger demographic to his family restaurant, the owner has seen new customers from all ages and ethnicities increase across the board.

“As soon as customers walk in through the door they say they can’t believe their eyes. It gives them the feeling like they are in Vegas. We used to be busy on weekends but now even weeknights we get lineups. Thanks to SSDG for creating such an environment.”

Inder Saini, Owner

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