20 Mar 20 2017

Today marks the spring equinox, a time of new beginnings and change. It’s the perfect day to announce that SSDG is on the move!

It’s a new era here at SSDG and we’re excited. We have a new partner in veteran employee Kenna Manley, we’re giving our brand a makeover, and we’ll be getting new digs in October when we will move into a beautiful space at 609 Granville. We’ve been in our current office for 14 years. She’s served us well but it’s time for us to say goodbye to Melville Street and begin a journey to our new home in Pacific Centre.

SSDG New Office Visioning

And so it begins, the daunting task of designing for an office full of designers (eek!). Don’t worry; we’ve got it covered! On February 10th we kicked off our collaborative design process with an office-wide visioning session where the entire team gave input on design and planning options. As the design progresses, regular updates and weekly design sessions keep everyone informed and a part of the new design.

As we approach nearly four decades of design excellence, we bring a renewed source of energy and excitement to our work. It’s a new era. SSDG is on the move.




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