18 Jan 18 2016

More and more these days we are being told how important it is to get more sleep. The demands of the job meanwhile can mean we’re checking email at all hours of the day and night making it hard to turn work off and go to sleep. To recharge their staff, many offices are creating quiet space or nap rooms for their employees to get a few minutes of rest to energize and power through the rest of their busy day. This trend has really taken off in the tech industry where staff often work long and unconventional hours. For client Hootsuite, a nap “cabin” with army cots was incorporated into their office design and recently our client iQmetrix added a calm room with dimming light and nap-friendly furniture – perfect for a little siesta. With numerous studies indicating that short naps of 20-40 minutes can increase memory function, response time, and energy levels, nap rooms may be one of the simplest ways to increase employee productivity, not to mention satisfaction.

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