10 Feb 10 2015

Vancouver, February 10 –Relationships have proven to be a good business for the popular on-line dating company PlentyofFish, which has quadrupled staff numbers in the five years since they initially hired SSDG Interiors Inc. to design their offices. The award-winning Vancouver-based interior design firm was recently brought back for the next phase of the office expansion.

The offices of PlentyofFish exemplify a company that is definitely true to their values and brand. “We pride ourselves on hiring the best talent, leading our industry and providing a service that makes people happy,” proclaims Kate Manolis (COO). The result is a workplace that inspires and engages all those who enter. Head-turning elevator graphics of loving couples, and a gallery wall where the content of the art was entrusted to the employees, complete their desire for a space that would ‘be light, be fresh, be us!’

“One of our core values is “relationships”, and we embrace it both with our members and our team.” says Manolis. With this in mind, SSDG developed a true ‘heart of the home’ in its new multi-functional area. The space includes a stage and bar area in addition to stadium and guest seating that can be moved and reconfigured for multiple different uses. The comfortable familial atmosphere encourages and fosters everything from work-related discussions, industry event nights, to yoga sessions and impromptu dance parties. “We are fast-paced and cutting-edge, but we’re also fun…our office is designed to provide ample opportunity for communication and socializing…every Friday beer o’clock is very popular. We do provide yoga classes and the open space is perfect for that, too. As well, we very frequently host industry events with a lot of success.”

Although there is no doubt POF is “building lasting relationships worldwide,” they’re also creating them within their own workplace culture.

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Susan Steeves
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About SSDG Interiors Inc.

We design interiors. We’ve been an award-winning interior design consulting firm for over 35 years. During that time we’ve gained the experience and wisdom to know that our innovative design solutions build value and support business goals. But we also know our clients are interested in spaces that are charismatic, interesting, and thoughtful. So, we ensure our solutions have that breathtaking “wow” factor we know they’re looking for. These days, we’re keeping busy working with amazing clients like Cadillac Fairview, Harbour Centre, Jones Lang LaSalle and Clio to name a few.

About PlentyofFish Media Inc.

What began as a modest start-up out of CEO and founder Markus Frind’s apartment in 2003, quickly grew into an unexpected success – revolutionizing the online dating industry as the first free online dating site.

The company’s exponential growth has transformed a one-man operation into a bustling headquarters; with over 75 employees in the heart of downtown Vancouver. PlentyOfFish is now available in 5 languages, has expanded into new markets, and offers Android, iPhone, and iPad apps. For more information, visit


Photography by Ema Peter.


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