The Fin Sports and Entertainment Bar

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The owner of the Newton Arms Pub approached SSDG Interiors Inc. to upgrade the pub and give it a new look. It was determined that while they didn’t want to lose the current regular clientele to the sports bar, they wanted to attract a younger demographic for evenings and weekends. A newer sophisticated look between a pub and a club, an expanded entertainment venue with a greater emphasis on good food and upscale drinks was the target. The pub has a long history and, to the local clientele, was known as The Fin, a shortened version of a previous stint as The Dolphin and so SSDG developed the distinctive Fin logo to anchor the brand.

Immediately upon entering the mood is very different; the interior has been completely re-designed from the entry to the bar, and from floor to ceiling. Deep rich wood finishes, low ambient lighting welcomes as hits of eye popping red and activity of sports and entertainment on the screens create excitement.




what our clients are saying

  • In 23 years in business the Pub has never sold such items as Martinis, high end wines by the bottle, high end vodkas or liquors, deserts, fresh seafood, high end steaks, etc. – now with this amazing re-brand we are finding new clients that prefer to spend a little more for a quality meal and much more contemporary environment. It’s very interesting to see the surprised look on everyone’s face once they walk through the doors. Our average bill has gone from $18 per person to about $38 per person…