12 Feb 12 2016

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we were feeling a little lovey-dovey in the office so we wanted to share just how much we love and respect our co-workers. Everyone in the office got to pick the name of one of their fellow SSDG’ers and wrote a note letting them know just how awesome they are. We wanted to share a few of the special messages about our amazing staff.

Tonya – “Beautiful, enthusiastic, dedicated, energetic & determined”

Herb – ” Knowledgeable & approachable”

Santi – “A Beacon of calm, patience, & helpfulness”

Mike – “Without a doubt he will welcome you with a smiling face everyday.”

Janice – “A kind, generous, and multi-talented individual. A constant beaming light.”

Sean – “Light heartedness and ability to make others laugh”

Kenna – “Rarely a moment goes by without her Smiling. She has the ability to make every situation fun, even when she’s stressed she’s laughing.”

Vicky – “Stay just the way you Are. Never change!”

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