13 Dec 13 2019

SSDG Interiors Inc. is thrilled to announce the promotion of Katy Maclean to the position of Associate. Katy brings exceptionally creative design skills, diverse experience and strong project management knowledge to our team. Katy joined SSDG three years ago where she immediately and without hesitation took on complex and challenging projects with confidence and enthusiasm.

An effective communicator, Katy clearly and successfully presents her creative and forward-thinking design concepts, resulting in enthusiastic buy-in. She brings an unwavering dedication and professionalism to each of her projects that can be seen both in the quality of her work and in the strong relationships that she develops with clients. Her proactive approach quickly develops a level of trust with the project team; knowing that they are in good hands with Katy at the wheel.

Sharing ideas and the creative process is one of the SSDG core values that Katy has taken to heart. She regularly shares design inspirations, details, and research to benefit the whole team.

We welcome Katy to her new role and look forward to her continued success at SSDG.

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