23 Feb 23 2015

Jump.ca wanted to create a place that both showed off their technology and invites customers to have some fun in their store. Jump.ca worked with SSDG Interiors and Spring Advertising to re-create their brand and set the stage for their expansion plans.

Creating a shopping experience that is both fun and exciting for shoppers, and also provides a way of displaying a vast amount of cellular options was delivered through interactive touch-screen technology. Customers are met with a Microsoft surface display that doubles as a game-centre and a cell phone technology reader. iQmetrix, a sister company of Jump’s and a leader in retail management software systems, provided the technology infrastructure.

Touch-screens allow customers to lead their own way and self-educate through Jump’s digital, Internet and home security offerings of products and services.

Taking centre stage is a multi-faceted, sinuous “Discovery Wall”, SSDG’s concept for this flagship store. Eventscape Inc. detailed and fabricated a complex system of 100 individually sized acrylic panels on a steel skeleton, acting as the body for pre-printed fabric-wrapped skins. On each panel, 4 live devices are digitally connected to an interactive screen above it, giving the shopper instant information on that device’s product, plan packages and accessories.

“SSDG has been able to effectively transform our vision of changing the wireless retail shopping experience in a design that is not only so unique to retail, but one that offers a functional use of our latest technology”, says Gerald Buchko, VP Sales and Marketing.

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