05 Jun 05 2017

Results are in: iQmetrix Winnipeg is well on their way to being the premiere software development shop!

Isn’t it great to know your work makes a difference? We were thrilled to learn happiness and applicants were on the rise over at iQmetrix’s new Winnipeg office. SSDG’s designer on this project, and now Partner, Kenna Manley, knew her clients’ move from a cramped space to an abundance of space and light would make a significant difference in people’s energy and overall level of wellbeing; however, because of Manley’s modern design elements, like the hub space, her clients’ goals were realized when natural collaboration and innovation began to form among their employees. Director of Operations, Thu Tran, regarded Manley’s design as “…just plain cool. We’ve been referred to as the google of Winnipeg by some other dev[elopement] shops.”

iQmetrix Winnipeg | SSDG Interiors iQmetrix Winnipeg | SSDG Interiors

It’s a sign of pride when employees’ husbands, wives, moms, and even pets are being paraded through the office to experience the new space. The popularity over their new office, generated by the Winnipeg press, resulted in an influx of senior applicants and Thu stated that “for people who already want to work at iQmetrix, coming into our office often seals the deal for them.” Further to the overall “coolness” of the new design, employees are thrilled to have the choice and flexibility of working in a variety of meeting spaces.

Happy employees, an amplified culture, and eager applicants; we couldn’t be more thrilled for everyone at iQmetrix. Likewise, it thrills us to know the designs we take pride in creating, have just as powerful an impact on the lives of the people we are designing for.

iQmetrix Winnipeg | SSDG Interiors Inc. iQmetrix Winnipeg | SSDG Interiors Inc.

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