31 Aug 31 2016

Looking for some inspiring artwork for your office space? Well, look no further than your own employees. We all wear multiple hats in life and you would be surprised by the talent that your staff possess; your head of HR may be an incredible photographer while a junior accountant could be a graphic artist. PlentyofFish Media asked their team to each create a graphic of what love means to them and the result is a visually inspiring gallery wall that delivers on their goal to “be light, be fresh, be us!”

Hootsuite instead had a competition with their team to submit “hoot” art to be used as murals throughout their new 33,000sf office and the amount of talent submitted was mindblowing. Meeting spaces feature custom murals selected from the employee art competition including their signature mural, the entrancing eyes of an owl hand drawn by Sandy and Steve Pell.

At Cossette, a marketing and communications agency in Vancouver, they opted to keep their walls as a blank canvas with space to showcase their impressive collection of work. Artwork displays were provided throughout their office like image the below of a meeting room with a built-in picture rail to show clients concept boards in presentation meetings and artwork hangers in the corridors to highlight some of their favourite campaigns.

Employee engagement is an ever important aspect of the design of an office and a great way to involve staff is through custom artwork, allowing them to leave their mark on the new space.


Hootsuite Wall GraphicHootsuite

PlentyofFish Gallery WallPlentyofFish



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