21 Mar 21 2016

In a recent article on the author tackles the subject of tricking the office into getting healthier. But is it really tricking the office or are companies simply providing an opportunity for staff to make more active choices through the day.

With thoughtful changes in the workplace design such as ensuring that stairs are a quicker and more convenient option to taking the elevator, companies are thereby encouraging more activity from staff. We have seen this first hand with the recently completed BGC Engineering who occupy four floors of the new 980 Howe building in downtown Vancouver. To promote movement and a connection among employees on all floors, the engineering firm opted to build an internal staircase connecting all levels. Surrounding the stairs are social areas such as staff kitchens and casual meeting spaces; the stairs themselves often act as quick collaboration space when employees encounter one another. The stairs are such popular hub for both circulation and social/collaborative interaction that the elevators are generally only used for movement in and out of the office.


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