01 Feb 01 2016

When Cadillac Fairview decided to move their leasing office within 609 Granville Street, they looked to SSDG Interiors and Fusion PM to guide them through the design and construction process. Their main objective was to consolidate the team in an open, modern space with lots of natural light, and places for staff to connect and interact.

Typical offices are 10’ x 10’ with seamless glass fronts and sliding doors to maximize the efficiency of the smaller footprint. Each office accommodates a small meeting area therefore reducing the number of meeting rooms required overall. Workstations have low glass panels that allow the natural light to penetrate throughout the space and increase staff communication and connection.

In addition to focused work areas, collaboration spaces are distributed throughout the workplace. Counter-height tables and stools, with plug and play AV ensure that everyone can connect to the network from anywhere in the space. Reception acts as a community hub, playing double duty as an informal meeting area. The CF Café is directly adjacent, which can be opened up to reception for entertaining, large gatherings and office functions. Centrally located, the break room is a flexible space to be used throughout the day for casual meetings, go to coffee area, lunch and socializing. It is a great place for informal interaction and promotes the flow of ideas and information, resulting in happy and productive employees.

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