02 Feb 02 2016

We’re thrilled to announce that we are working with Al Maktaba, a high-end office supply retailer with multiple locations across Saudi Arabia. Meaning ‘The Library’ in Arabic, Al Maktaba creates a unique shopping experience for customers, selling anything from reams of paper to the latest technological gadgets. The surrounding desert and idea of ‘mirages’ drove the concept for their new store designs. For their flagship store in Riyadh, 3-dimensional faceted ‘dunes’ are mirrored on the ceiling. Reflective surfaces are added to the ends of millwork displays creating the visual feel of a mirage in the distance.

The shopping experience is product driven, creating a journey through the store. While basic office supplies and stationary have a direct route to access and purchase, the high-end technology products are located in a more meandering path allowing the customer to try, test, and experience the product.

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